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It was born in 1959 from the experience acquired in the mechanical field by the original members. It had an initial activity of mechanical machinery and equipment reparation, and developed during the years with constancy until being what it is nowadays.

Today, thanks to its modern and efficient instruments, Za-Ber is able to realize high specialized mechanical machinery, equipment and parts, designed on the pictures given by the customers. Making use of a team of expert collaborators, our company considers the possibility of the project, even if summarily described from the customer.

Plastic materials, plant engineering for ecological recycling, aeronautics, pharmacology, heavy mechanics, machine tools, are just examples of the sectors in which Za-Ber offers its assistance.

The quality of the workings is guaranteed by a great system, and it is certified in accordance with the laws UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 applied to precision mechanical machining on customers drawings.

The whole company system is based on the satisfaction of the customers expectations, considering the reliability on the company, the characteristics and completeness of the workings, considering the delivery-time, optimizing the costs and improving the inner efficiency, always operating in accordance with the laws and the settlements in force.

The profitable collaboration with some of the most important Italian companies, allows Za-Ber to have enviable references, that by themselves guarantee the high quality of the realized products.

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